Yay Creative Commons

This is only the second computer science class I have taken at my four years of Mary Washington however both have touched upon Creative Commons. We had to read articles and watched a video in my first class about creative commons and open source. That time it went completely over my head. This time I understood it a bit better.

Creative commons is so cool. It lets you use people’s creations for free for nonprofit use. I know flickr has a section when uploading photos to see if it is in the creative commons.

Now for the Web 2.0 article a lot of it, once again, went over my head. It did bring back memories annoying Netscape that would take forever to load on the family computer. What I did find interesting was the starting dates for some of the things that are commonplace on the internet like mapquest. I had no idea it started as early as 1995.  I remember my computer use in the 90s as really ridiculously slow internet and playing math blaster computer game.  I did find it interesting in the Tim O’Reilly’s piece that he listed the antecedents of things such as Flickr and Wikipedia. It was neat to see where these things came from.

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  1.   Catherine on January 25th, 2011

    Creative Commons up everywhere. It’s such a huge issue since the internet has so much on it. It’s kind of like owning ideas.

    My parents had Windows 95 until 2001. We were really on top of things.

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