January, 2011

I love Google Analytics

Earlier today I installed google analytics.  I have 22 page views. (21 from US 1 from Canada). Hello readers.

Here are some tips for those who have not used Google Analytics before:

1. I searched “Google Analytics” in the plugin search of word press and went to the second page of results and chose the one that was called “Google Analytics”

2. The plugin shows up in the settings area of your Dashboard and all you need to do it put in the UA-XXXX-XXX code that your google analytics account provides for you.

3. In your Google Analytics Tracking Code/Tracking Status page make sure you set it to “one domain with multiple subdomains” in case we create any other subdomains through our sites.

4. Wait. It should take no more than 24 hrs for reports to come in.

5. Google Analytics doesn’t update in real time. This means if you want to see who visited your site on say the 19th you’ll have to come back and check the report on the 20th. Not a big problem just something you should know.

I had attached google analytics to two of my projects for Dr. McClurken in the past. One was a Pearl Harbor Project last semester and it was amazing to watch the increase in views of my site the day of and before and after the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Those days caused the pie graph of traffic sources to change from referral sites (other people from my class looking at my project from a link on Dr. McClurken’s site) to search engines. I found it incredibly interesting, then again, I am a nerd.

Good luck! And now I shall stop flooding the DS106 site and go to bed.

Why am I still up?

So, it’s almost 1. I have no classes tomorrow, but I do have to get up for work. There is no explanation for why I am up but here is a quick little something I made.

I saw one of the “Submit Your Assignment” things: The Big Hip Hop and decided to do it. The picture comes from here (http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/09/oktoberfest_2010.html). The reason why I picked it? I think lederhosen are hilarious. Also, now I realize that the song that I got the lyrics from (Ke$ha’s We R Who We R) is the same as the example one. Whoops. Same song, different lyrics. Forgive me.

Short Introduction

This is my short introduction.

My name is Megan and I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I have played rugby all four years here and have had the chance to play what the team likes to call “mud rugby” twice.

This is a picture taken after the game, before we realized just how cold and wet we were. I don’t remember if we won or lost (since it wasn’t a league match it didn’t really matter) but the game was amazing. Initially you don’t want to have to go down to the ground but after the first tackle or fall it doesn’t really matter. I hope we get a chance to play another game like this in my last semester of rugby.

I am on the far right of the middle row and Ivania (who is also in the class with the domain name sanspants.net) is in the back right.

Assignment 1

A couple hours before class and I finally got my blog set up. Well, attached to my site. I still am going to mess around with the colors and formatting because right now it’s quite unattractive. I don’t know if anyone is going to come to my site but if you do and the colors seem to change constantly and you’re bothered by it, sorry.

It took forever to figure out the webhosting and domain thing. And by forever I mean about two hours maybe a little more. Most of that two hours was me sitting on the couch glaring at my screen because I could¬† not get my domain to recognize my nameservers. My roommate’s Jess and Steph are also in the class and they started setting up their domains and webhosting a bit later than me so they were steps behind. Finally they reached the same step as me and became frustrated as well. Jim Groom was flooded with tweets by us (and for that I apologize) but eventually Jess figured out that there was a period missing in the nameserver 2 thing. And so with that tiny missing period replaced our problems were gone. However, it did almost make me late for rugby practice.

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