Fireside Chat

Today we had our class over the radio in what I compared to Roosevelt’s Fireside chats. I liked it. We got a group six people in my apartment (Steph, Jess, Catherine, Colleen, and Sarah) all in my living room. We hooked up my laptop to computer speakers so it would be loud enough and settled down. Catherine was using my computer since her silly mac doesn’t have paint and made these awesome minimalist Harry Potter posters so I watched the twitter feed on my phone trying to keep up with the massive amount of tweeting going on.

Since there were no audio problems like today’s 4pm show it worked really well. It was nice not to leave the apartment since it’s so cold outside. Plus we were able to comment to each other out loud which we can’t really do in class. Since I didn’t have my computer I wasn’t able to check out the cool sites that Tim Owens mentioned but I will definitely check them out. I have been to Threadless before though and bought a (Very nerdy) jacket from them 😀

Edited this photo to make it look old… with old radio in the background to try to resemble the old timey photos of families sitting down to listen to Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats. However, I think I was a bit heavy on the old timey look thing and it looks more like trying to watch tv when the reception isn’t coming in very well.

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  1.   Catherine on February 10th, 2011

    I am wearing an old man sweater that my dad gave me.

  2.   Cali4beach on February 14th, 2011

    haha 🙂

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