What I Like About You (DS106ers)

Since I’m very indecisive and because there’s so much awesome stuff made by you guys this is going to be a long post.

First off is Jess’s Daily Shoot photo 455. It’s of the sunset and the colors are just amazing, especially behind the black of the trees.

After talking to Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine Steph churned out this awesome picture, “Dear Michelangelo it was only a paintbrush” She got it from the comment that the internet was much more than a tool.

Despite the fact that I did not really like the movie “No Country for Old Men” I really liked sleeptheclockaround’s minimalist poster for the movie. Replacing the ‘O’s in the title with a coin was genius and the black and white make it a really sleek looking poster.

I’m going way back for this one but I really enjoyed Andrew’s 30 second story. I love the graphics with the story and it was really well written and quite funny.

Another creation I enjoyed was Sarah’s superhero valentines. Since she lives across the hall from me we usually talk about our ideas for the class and she told me this one. I thought it was an excellent idea and it turned out amazing. They are hilarious.

Next I enjoyed bring.theruckus.info’s gif from Seven Samurai. I like the subtle movement as he messes with the flower. Hard to believe this was the first attempt to a gif. I think it’s really well done, and an excellent choice for a gif.

I love Jordan’s post with all her Big Caption pictures. Every single one is hilarious. I also love the title of the post because that’s how I feel constantly about DS106 “I Can’t Believe This Counts as Homework.”

Back to some minimalist posters. I absolutely love the Harry Potter minimalist posters that Catherine (oldmansweaters) did. What I found super amazing is that it was all done with paint. The colors are amazing are well chosen and each poster was well thought out.

I liked Charlotte’s Daily shoot picture 443. It’s a close up of a pair of jeans and I just love the dark blue color and the texture that is seen in the photograph.

As a history major I was a little biased to this one. It’s a troll quote with a mix of King Tut, Alexander the Great and Caesar. Elizabeth did a great job choosing well known figures and the font is spiffy as well.

NoiseProfessor showed me up with this photoshopped picture of Dolly Parton, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert E. Lee. I wish I could use photoshop this well.

Annnnnnd lastly is CogDog’s What the Font creation for James Bond. The What the Font assignment seems so neat however I can’t figure out in my head how it’s done. It seems so difficult and yet CogDog just churns this out and it’s stupendous.

And that is all, sorry if I didn’t mention something you did 🙁 This post was already long enough. Everyone is doing awesome work out there keep it up. I will try to comment more.

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  1.   Cali4beach on February 17th, 2011

    you had some really great links in here to stuff I haven’t seen anymore, thanks!! ;D

    also thanks for mentioning 🙂

  2.   The Art Of War on April 4th, 2011

    The Art Of War…

    Another good post I found which you’ll probably be…

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