Decade Divas Radio Show

Here is the audio for our (Steph Lefferts’, Jess Masulli’s, and my) Decades Radio show. We spent quite awhile working on it. We tried to get it done  by Thursday night but we ran into many a-problem when  we tried to combine our show on Jess’s computer (a mac). Jess had to leave on Friday so to try to finish the project I had to somehow get the files over to my computer. That took a couple hours as the .aup files could not be transferred via zip drive or e-mail. Then I had to export it as a WAV file and then us a media converter to make it an .mp3. So around 2:30 I managed to get that done and then went to bed to finish it later. Steph and I began work Friday evening and then found out, that somehow my computer had turned  he mp3 files, that took me hours to get onto my computer, into .aup files and it would  not open them. Fun times. Also, we were working for about an hour and had saved every now and then but then audacity decided to shut down right after we had recorded an interview. So after that we saved after every minute or so.

When we created our show we made four separate files one for each decade we were doing (1940s, 1970s, 2000s, 2030s) with the idea of combining them later. However, my computer would not open more than one window of audacity at a time and so that didn’t happen and thus we had to upload our files as 4 separate ones. Hopefully they work because I never want to have to use audacity again.

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas1940s] Here’s the 1940s

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas1970s] 1970s

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas2000s] 2000s

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas2030s] 2030s


And that’s it. I might add more to this post later.

I hate audacity. The end.

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  1.   Stephanie on March 12th, 2011

    audacity is a neat program. until it CRASHES. TWICE. in a row. and you lose everything just recorded. We realllly should’ve had a blooper reel, even if we’d only posted it on the blog…

  2.   MeganMc on March 12th, 2011

    That would have been fun but embarrassing… I already hate hearing my recorded voice. Haha

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