Finally my Final Project Blog Post

This is incredibly late and I apologize but here is my final project blog post.  When I went to Jim Groom’s office I was not really sure what exactly I wanted to do for my final project. I had a couple ideas but I didn’t feel like they were good enough to be my final project. The only thing I did know was that I really enjoyed the Visual/Design projects. So we decided that I would do more Design/Visual Projects for my final project. We didn’t really decide on how many or really a schedule so right now I’ve been doing them whenever I have free time, which isn’t that much. After this week (Thursday), I expect my design/visual projects to pick up. I have several ideas, I jut need the time to make them.

Visual/Design Projects I want to do (the first four I already know what I want to do specifically, the other ones are design/visual projects that seem like fun):

  • Another four icon challenge
  • Iconic Identities
  • Another facebook movie thing (though probably won’t be as good at the star wars one)
  • On This Day
  • More Troll Quotes
  • Make more GIFs
  • Summarize a movie in GIFs
  • Newspaper blackout
  • Movie Fortunes
  • Minimalist Travel Poster
  • I Can Read Movies
  • Minimalist TV/Movie Poster
  • And to make Sarah K happy, finally make a favicon for myself.

To make it easier to see which visual/design things are my final project ones I will categorize them with “Final Project” So you can click over on the right side bar and find all my final project posts. I shall go back and categorize my GIFs made over Spring Break and the Warning Labels as such since they were made after the final project meeting with Jim Groom.

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  1.   Cali4beach on March 13th, 2011

    sounds like funnn!!! 😀

    I think I like the visual/design stuff the best so far

    and yay! a mention on your blog! :p

  2.   Aliyah on March 14th, 2011

    I like your last project…”make Sarah K happy”—- but I look foward to your other work too.

  3.   Jim Groom on March 22nd, 2011

    This is a great way to round out the last six weeks, you average one a week and I think that will be perfect. Just be sure to blog the process of how you did it—which you all ready do.

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