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Hopefully I remember to put this in drafts until Friday afternoon-ish because I would hate for this to leak out. If I do forget and post it before Friday afternoon right before rugby, and you know Karen, don’t tell her. (That means you Scooby, Charlotte, Ivania, CMohr, Molly, Steph, Sarah, and Jess… I think that covers everyone haha)

Ok. So in rugby before super big games we have spirit sisters (by picking out of a hat or whatever) and finally in my last semester I got my good friend Karen. I have told her every semester that I want to be her spirit sister because she looooooves High School Musical (particularly Zac Efron) Five Below used to have a ton of stuff for High School Musical. This is Karen with an aardvark on her head, and Charlotte being crazy behind her. —>

Well, I finally got her as a spirit sister and I decided to make her a cardboard cutout Zac Efron. Life size… or close to it. Google must think I’m a creeper because I looked at Zac Efron photos for about 30 minutes trying to find the largest one possible and one with a high resolution (so when I blew it up it would look ok). Then I got even creepier on google and searched up Zac Efron’s height (people can’t agree whether he’s 5′ 9″ or 5’10” so I went with the latter. 60 inches tall, nice even number. I made the pic giant and printed it off. It was 20 sheets of paper though one of them had the tiniest sliver of hair on it… it was lame.

Anyway. I laid the sheets out to make sure I had every piece. And to see about how tall he was.








Then I cut out the pieces from the paper.








And then laid them out again. Charlotte decided to join him.








During this long process of cutting and pasting he grew a mustache (the little sliver of hair that used up a whole sheet of paper, super lame)







This was him after the first night of work. He stood there all night creepily watching me on my computer and made my roomies jump when they all had to get up at an ungodly hour in the morning (~5am)












I then had to cut the excess cardboard off (thank goodness for an x-acto knife). This created quite a mess.








After vacuuming I decided to get a pic with Zac Efron.








And here is the final product.


It looks pretty good  but up close he’s a bit pixel-ly. He’s also top heavy and has a habit of falling over but Karen shall have to deal with that (sorry Karen :D). There was also a problem of him bending at the shins since that’s the skinniest part of the cardboard cutout. I glued a piece of excess cardboard at the bend to give him more support so he no longer looks like he’s broken both his shins. And I did fix that white line that’s on his right leg, I accidentally pasted the pieces too far apart.

This was fun to make, and although Karen probably knows I’m her spirit sister already (because she asked me outright and then was like “Never mind don’t tell me if it’s you.”) and and I didn’t respond. Thus: no response to question means I am her spirit sister. Still, she may know it’s me but she does not know what I made. 😀

(Oh geez, I’m going to have Zac Efron in my tag cloud)


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  1.   Cali4beach on March 18th, 2011

    I love this so much! except I don’t want him to live in my apt! but still great job megann!!

  2.   Chrisb123 on March 19th, 2011

    You should take him places with you.

  3.   Osheen on March 19th, 2011

    It kinda looks real too, great job on that !!!

  4.   Karen on March 19th, 2011

    There is only one word for this spirit sister gift: magnificent. I still cannot believe you did it, and managed to hide it from me. 😀

  5.   David Mc...the old man on March 20th, 2011

    I liked him better when he looked like a jigsaw puzzle. 🙂

  6.   Jim Groom on March 22nd, 2011

    This is brilliant, it epitomizes the maker culture I would hope we would push far more here at university. What’s more, it is Zac Effron, he’s so hot!

  7.   Cali4beach on March 22nd, 2011

    omg wow never expected jim groom to say “zac effron, he’s so hot!”

    I’m going to steal it from Karen and give it to you 😛

  8.   Kaitlin on March 25th, 2011

    THIS IS THE BESTTT. I about died laughing when you busted it out! You did such a FANTASTIC job! I would have never been able to do something like this! So impressed!

    I also love that JimGroom used the phrase, “Zac Efron, he’s so hot!”

  9.   samiam on March 26th, 2011

    This is great. I never really thought of making anything life sized before, but it’s a pretty cool idea and I’m impressed with how well it came out. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to look that good, but it does! Great job!

  10.   Stephanie on March 29th, 2011

    i love how you narrate the process of this! it looks like a puzzle with all the pieces piled together. The final result was very realistic…made me jump a little every time I saw it…even when i knew he was there! “AHHH ZAC EFRON WAS IN MY APARTMENT!”

  11.   Monsignor on March 29th, 2011

    I want one! He’s so HOT!

  12.   aallingh on March 31st, 2011

    ha, great job on this.
    If she ever gets mad at you, you can just replace his head Anthony Hopkins’s head.

  13.   Tempy on April 3rd, 2011

    XP This made my night! The concept of “spirit sisters” reminds me of the spirit gift-bags that the sports teams in my high school used to exchange. This project, however, is a much better way to support a team-mate than putting some candy and pencils in a paper bag. The amount of work and thought you put into makes it much more special than any old spirit bag. This is great!

    Also, I love how you documented the creation. This is excellent storytelling.

  14.   Cali4beach on April 4th, 2011

    yes, I want to make a creepy life size person to stick in megan’s bed!

  15.   Ivania on April 6th, 2011

    I still can’t believe you did all of this. I think that round of spirit sisters took the ultimate win. Between Zac Efron and the kilt I made for Esther, I think our creativity bubble in the team exploded. Make me a Chris Pine one!

  16.   Charlotte on April 12th, 2011

    Your dedication and artistic execution are awesome. I couldn’t believe you were actually putting him together when I walked in the room. Great job. I know Karen loves him very much and takes care of him every day.

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