Sarah and I are collaborating to create an across the world photoblog. We wanted to do something artsy together despite her being in South Korea and I in the United States. So we came up with a photo challenge, which is a lot like Daily Shoot. We have a list of photo prompts to start off one person picks the prompt and posts a picture. The other person then has to complete that prompt and then choose the next one and post a picture.
We’ve done 2.5 as of now Steel and Glass, Food, and  I just started the sports round. So feel free to check it out! There should be more pictures soon if Sarah hurries up and does her part . (Just kidding Sarah :D)

The site is KoreaUsa.wordpress.com

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  1.   sarah k on October 7th, 2012

    haha, no pressure. no pressure at all megan.

    Donzo! Now for me to find a new challenge, muhaha!!

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