January, 2011

Flickr Plugins. One Option.

With the Daily Shoot assignment coming around I set about finding a way to show my Daily Shoot photos on my blog. I wanted them to go to a page I created, not to my posts (because I feel like I post too much.) So first I had to create a new page on my blog that I named “Daily Shoot.”

After creating the page I went on the hunt for the right plugin. I typed “Flickr” in the plugin search bar and found “Flickr Gallery” as the third result.

Once it is installed you have to go to “Settings” and insert some info including an API number from Flickr which you will have to apply for.  It’s not that complicated. You will have to wait a little bit for it to find your flickr account to pull the pictures into it. You know it will have worked when your pictures show up at the bottom of this settings page.

Now in order to get them to show up on a page I went to here it has a little bit more information on Flickr Gallery. It provides code that you can post on your page so that it will pull the stuff from Flickr.

I chose the code that I highlighted in yellow. We are supposed to tag all the pictures we take for the Daily Shoot with “ds106” so I figured that would be the best. I changed the “foo” in the code to “ds106” and pasted the code on my page.

I went to check my page and voila! it was there 🙂  I hope this helps and it not too confusing.  You can check out my daily shoot photos by clicking “Daily Shoot” at the top of the page in the menu.

P.S. A cool thing about this plugin is that it puts the pictures in a thumbnails but when you click the thumbnails it shows a bigger version without leaving your blog.

Movies on Facebook: Fight Club

I mentioned in a previous post I had several ideas floating around in my head but did not have time to work one them. Well, finally this afternoon I was able to start and finish one of my projects.  This contains a Fight Club spoiler so if you haven’t seen it… sorry.

Basically this is from the point of view of Edward Norton’s character. He just became friends with Tyler Durden in real life and then seeks him out on facebook.

And by trying to friend him he discovers this. Would have made the movie shorter 🙂

To make this I took a screenshot of someone’s facebook page and then removed pretty much every personal information bit. The hardest part was trying to match up the font and font colors.  I tossed in some fun things, like the ad at the bottom right and the “you and Tyler” part.

Also, I don’t know why I left in the Spanglish part for what Tyler speaks… I just forgot about it. Whoops.

Dear Ivania,

This is for you. Haha.

From Megan 🙂

Ok so this is a “troll quote” I saw a couple of them on the internet awhile ago like this one… and I’m pretty sure there’s one out there with Malcolm Reynolds (from Firefly), Indiana Jones and Han Solo but I can’t find it. Anyways this Troll Quote’s “link” is vampires. I got the Nosferatu pic from Flickr (here). The quote is one of the most cringeworthy from Twilight. And I “attributed” the quote to Eric Northman from the Trueblood HBO series/ Sookie Stackhouse novel.

And this is where I leave you for the night.Good night DS106 sleep tight, don’t let Nosferatu bite!

Silly Eyjafjallajökull. Ruining travel plans.

This is my story for Assignment 3. I messed around with a couple of the tools. ComicSketch looked the most fun. Alas, I cannot draw well on the computer. If only I had a tablet! Anyways I ended up using PhotoPeach to create my story. All I had to do was upload photos, write captions, and find music that I wanted. The music was the hardest part. I did not really know what music went with my story. However, in the end I think I ended up with a decent music choice.

Trip Across Italy on PhotoPeach

If there was ever a need for a sarcasm font…

Dear upstairs neighbors,

I really admire your love for music. I mean , almost every day I hear your oboe/clarinet playing, your stomping/dancing, and your off key singing of Katy Perry’s Firework. Especially at midnight. It’s awesome. Here is my gift to you.

It’s wake boarding santa with a flare and lyrics from your favorite song “Firework” by Katy Perry.

Sincerely, Megan

(Picture from http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/)

UPDATE: Thanks to thedailwh.at I found this. Thank goodness they don’t play the vuvuzela.

Been Awhile

Besides my post from just an hour or so ago that we were forced to do wrote in response to the articles that we read it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here just for funsies.

The reason for the lack of posting was because of work… and school work/reading. I work at the Nest on campus. I recently started making pizzas and so got a lovely red shirt (I sure hope they don’t send me off to some alien planet because I’d be the first to perish). They gave me a choice of shirts and that choice was extra large or… extra EXTRA large. I’m not stick thin but still I’m swimming in the giant shirt and the “short sleeves” reach my elbows.

(I know, how didn’t I get into art school when I can create masterpieces like this!)

Anyways, I normally only work weekends but one the pizza people during the weekday evenings got sick and so I had to fill in Thursday and Friday night and work 10:30 to 7:00 on Saturday and 12:00-7:30 on Sunday so I’ve been busy. But I have wanted to post some things I’ve thought of to the blog but right now they’re just concepts… I need to get them out on paper… or photoshop and work with them hopefully they turn out ok.

Hopefully the rest of the semester I won’t be that busy with making pizzas.

Now, just because I haven’t been able to post doesn’t mean I have not been doing anything with my blog. I subscribed to everyone I could (a couple of them didn’t work and some people still don’t have urls) on googlereader. It was relatively simple since I used google reader in Dr. McClurken’s class before. It didn’t take too long and I was able to do it whilst watching the Pacific with my roommates Steph and Jess in my sparse free time.

Also, I just added the Now Reading plug-in that I saw on my friend Catherine’s blog (oldmansweaters). I love books and I love movies, and if I had more free time during the semester I would read more books and watch more movies (though my roommates will probably argue that I watch too much tv/too many movies). Normally the books I read throughout the semester would seem boring to most people (me being a history major and all) but this semester I am taking my first English Literature class called Fantasy so I should be able to add some interesting books there. I am also thinking of adding a random quotes plug-in. However, instead of sappy, inspiration, sentimental heart-felt quotes it will probably be quotes from my favorite movies, afterall the blog is supposed to show who I am. I am just worried that the side bar is beginning to look a bit too cluttered. I might get rid of the calendar and maaaybe the tag cloud just to make it look more neat.

Yay Creative Commons

This is only the second computer science class I have taken at my four years of Mary Washington however both have touched upon Creative Commons. We had to read articles and watched a video in my first class about creative commons and open source. That time it went completely over my head. This time I understood it a bit better.

Creative commons is so cool. It lets you use people’s creations for free for nonprofit use. I know flickr has a section when uploading photos to see if it is in the creative commons.

Now for the Web 2.0 article a lot of it, once again, went over my head. It did bring back memories annoying Netscape that would take forever to load on the family computer. What I did find interesting was the starting dates for some of the things that are commonplace on the internet like mapquest. I had no idea it started as early as 1995.  I remember my computer use in the 90s as really ridiculously slow internet and playing math blaster computer game.  I did find it interesting in the Tim O’Reilly’s piece that he listed the antecedents of things such as Flickr and Wikipedia. It was neat to see where these things came from.

THE Gardner Campbell

This is the last post tonight, I swear.

While watching Gardner Campbell’s No More Digital Facelifts I was mostly… overwhelmed. Campbell clearly knows what he is talking about and I clearly do not know much of what was being said.

One of the points I found most interesting was when he started talking about the video game where players could create levels, upload them and then other players could download the levels to play them. This opens so many doors for video game designers. It also keeps the games fresh because everyone knows that after awhile you get tired of playing the same old video game over and over, at least I do.

I never had a class with Campbell but I am looking forward to his lecture tomorrow.

Poe, Lee, and Parton.

This is a tweet Jim Groom sent out earlier today. I thought it was funny and took it up as a challenge. The result is this:

Now, if you can’t tell I haven’t had photoshop for very long and thus my attempt is not the best. But I am proud of the work… it’s the most I’ve done in photoshop, ever.  My roommate Steph constantly scolded me while I was working on this to work on my other homework, like reading for my two classes with Dr. McClurken tomorrow annnnd needing to read the Fellowship of the Ring.

However, now that this is finished I can now start focusing on my readings. If you can’t tell the picture is of Robert E. Lee on his horse, with Edgar Allen Poe’s face, and Dolly Parton crazy? excited? crazyexcited?

Testing Tweet Tools?

I really don’t know if this will work but here we go.

Yay it worked. Ok so I have been messing around with my blog and various plug ins. I just worked with Kaitlin (blog.afacewithfreckles.info) and set up google analytics on her blog and we worked together to get Twitter Tools working on both of ours. It was a little complicated but not as complicated as Jim Groom’s post about the assignment made it seem. My blog posts are now being sent to the ds106 twitter hashtag. A success!

Now as for the way my site looks I am a little ambivalent about it. The background of my blog is the spirit rock that sits on the Mary Washington campus. It’s a rock where students can paint a message to a friend or express something to the campus. I thought to myself, that’s sort of like this blog. It is the space for me to express my creativity (as cheesy as that sounds.) I liked the thought behind it and the colors of the fonts and sidebar however, the way I envisioned my blog is not quite how it came out. As always, the way I pictured it in my head looked SO much better than how it turned out. Ah well.

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