February, 2011

Our Weekend Bar Fight

This is the sound project that Steph, Jess and I worked on in class on Thursday. It took forever for me to get this up because of business sorry. But I am getting this up before the deadline. We tweaked it a bit because it was deemed to calm/quiet to be a bar fight and because people thought it was an engagement dinner with ninjas/kung fu people or something.

Bar Fight

Click the link twice to play it.

When we sat down to figure out what to do for this mini project we were at first at a loss. How were we supposed to tell a story using only sounds? Eventually we came up with the idea of a bar fight and we set about trying to find the sounds for it. Our initial plan was much more detailed than what we ended up with in class but we had to simplify it as time was running out and the internet was being terribly slow at downloading the sounds from freesound.org. After the first run-thorugh and some critiques from the class this is our final cut.

Sounds used:


Door Opening-http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=52375

Bar Atmosphere-http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=98945

Drinks Sloshing-http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=23502

Glass Breaking- http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=93964





What I Like About You (DS106ers)

Since I’m very indecisive and because there’s so much awesome stuff made by you guys this is going to be a long post.

First off is Jess’s Daily Shoot photo 455. It’s of the sunset and the colors are just amazing, especially behind the black of the trees.

After talking to Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine Steph churned out this awesome picture, “Dear Michelangelo it was only a paintbrush” She got it from the comment that the internet was much more than a tool.

Despite the fact that I did not really like the movie “No Country for Old Men” I really liked sleeptheclockaround’s minimalist poster for the movie. Replacing the ‘O’s in the title with a coin was genius and the black and white make it a really sleek looking poster.

I’m going way back for this one but I really enjoyed Andrew’s 30 second story. I love the graphics with the story and it was really well written and quite funny.

Another creation I enjoyed was Sarah’s superhero valentines. Since she lives across the hall from me we usually talk about our ideas for the class and she told me this one. I thought it was an excellent idea and it turned out amazing. They are hilarious.

Next I enjoyed bring.theruckus.info’s gif from Seven Samurai. I like the subtle movement as he messes with the flower. Hard to believe this was the first attempt to a gif. I think it’s really well done, and an excellent choice for a gif.

I love Jordan’s post with all her Big Caption pictures. Every single one is hilarious. I also love the title of the post because that’s how I feel constantly about DS106 “I Can’t Believe This Counts as Homework.”

Back to some minimalist posters. I absolutely love the Harry Potter minimalist posters that Catherine (oldmansweaters) did. What I found super amazing is that it was all done with paint. The colors are amazing are well chosen and each poster was well thought out.

I liked Charlotte’s Daily shoot picture 443. It’s a close up of a pair of jeans and I just love the dark blue color and the texture that is seen in the photograph.

As a history major I was a little biased to this one. It’s a troll quote with a mix of King Tut, Alexander the Great and Caesar. Elizabeth did a great job choosing well known figures and the font is spiffy as well.

NoiseProfessor showed me up with this photoshopped picture of Dolly Parton, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert E. Lee. I wish I could use photoshop this well.

Annnnnnd lastly is CogDog’s What the Font creation for James Bond. The What the Font assignment seems so neat however I can’t figure out in my head how it’s done. It seems so difficult and yet CogDog just churns this out and it’s stupendous.

And that is all, sorry if I didn’t mention something you did 🙁 This post was already long enough. Everyone is doing awesome work out there keep it up. I will try to comment more.

This Feels Like Narcissism

I’m supposed to talk about what work I’ve done that I like that seems like narcissism to me haha. But here we go.

I really liked the Big Hip Hop challenge, I did it twice but I like my first attempt at it. I took a picture of men in lederhosen from the Big Picture and added lyrics from Ke$ha’s we are who we are. I really like the font for it.

I also enjoyed making the nerd valentines despite the fact they were a day late. Although the backgrounds aren’t that good and I made them quite quickly I still am proud of thinking up nerdy cheesy valentines.

And lastly, the thing I am most proud of, is my first Gif. The one with Shawn from Psych. Before this class I had seen random gifs online and wondered how they were made but didn’t really put in too much effort in finding out. When I first came upon the Tutorial for better gifs it made me absolutely terrified and yet curious to see if I could actually do it. Now, the gif is a bit jumpy and no where near perfect but I managed to make one, and that was exciting.

A day late… but Nerd Valentines

This is a day late but I wanted to make these, and I had no time before this.

The first one is from Firefly where shiny means “good, great, neat, cool etc.”

Second one is Star Trek. Sure Vulcans don’t show emotion buuuut I don’t care. I wanted to make cheesy valentines.

The next two are from Lord of the Rings. Couldn’t decide which creepy valentine inspired by Lord of the Rings I liked better.

And the last is Star Wars.  It was my favorite I think. Took the idea from Obi Wan’s line “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

These were quickly done so they’re not the best. I just wanted to get them out before it was two days after valentines day.

Sources for pictures:

Kaylee Frye-http://www.queenc.com/kayleefluffy/kayleefluffy_reference.jpg


Gollum- http://foreverloyal.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/gollum.jpg?w=300

Storm Trooper-http://thatrealish.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/authentic-stormtrooper-cost.jpg?w=314&h=500


Elf Gif

I made another Gif! Yaaaay. I think these are kind of addicting. I had planned to do another 4 icon movie post and/or a minimalist movi poster buuut I ran out of time before rugby working on this and I am going to go take a nap before I work from 10:30pm-2:30am (fun times).

This one is from Elf starring Will Ferrell. Basically I wanted it to be an infinite loop of him eating cotton balls whilst in the waiting room in the doctor’s office. Nothing too fancy since there is no part of the image not moving. Only thing is it’s quite long but I can’t make it faster. It also jerks a bit as it switches from the end back to the beginning frame but I tried to fix it didn’t get it an exact match though.


This is my silly attempt at a Gif. I made it from the intro to Season 4 of Psych which is an amazing and hilarious show. This character is Shawn Spencer and he’s convinced the Santa Barbara Police Department he is a psychic and he makes these weird hand motions alot of the time when he has a “vision.”

It took about an hour or two partly because I got confused a couple of times while trying to delete layers but not have giant gaping holes in the gif… for awhile Shawn didn’t have a head. It is very choppy and I sort of cut off his hand a bit on the left side of the screen but I somehow made a Gif and I am proud of it 😀

I used the Bionic Teaching Tutorial . Thing was it didn’t say how to get the video onto your computer… it said something about Quicktime and the fact they grabbed something from netflix instantview but I had no idea how. I resorted to finding a video on youtube. Then editing it on photoshop. Also saving it turned into a problem when I couldn’t figure out what type of file to save it as (you say “Duh, gif!” but I didn’t have that option.)

Fireside Chat

Today we had our class over the radio in what I compared to Roosevelt’s Fireside chats. I liked it. We got a group six people in my apartment (Steph, Jess, Catherine, Colleen, and Sarah) all in my living room. We hooked up my laptop to computer speakers so it would be loud enough and settled down. Catherine was using my computer since her silly mac doesn’t have paint and made these awesome minimalist Harry Potter posters so I watched the twitter feed on my phone trying to keep up with the massive amount of tweeting going on.

Since there were no audio problems like today’s 4pm show it worked really well. It was nice not to leave the apartment since it’s so cold outside. Plus we were able to comment to each other out loud which we can’t really do in class. Since I didn’t have my computer I wasn’t able to check out the cool sites that Tim Owens mentioned but I will definitely check them out. I have been to Threadless before though and bought a (Very nerdy) jacket from them 😀

Edited this photo to make it look old… with old radio in the background to try to resemble the old timey photos of families sitting down to listen to Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats. However, I think I was a bit heavy on the old timey look thing and it looks more like trying to watch tv when the reception isn’t coming in very well.

Movies on Facebook: Star Wars

I actually started this before class this evening so the Star Wars overload in class did not (entirely) influence this. Just motivated me to finish sooner. 🙂 Good thing I don’t have class tomorrow.

Tell me have you ever googled “How to type out Chewbacca noises?” I have. It’s not very helpful actually..

This took a couple hours and I’m proud of how it turned out even though it’s a bit sloppier than the last movie facebook thing I did.

What I did was take a screenshot of my newsfeed and put in the “profile pics” and names and comments and stuff in photoshop.

Strange Journey, a Five Card Story

Five Card Story: Strange Journey

a ds106 story created by MeganMc

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by paulhami

flickr photo by paulhami

flickr photo by nessman

flickr photo by paulhami

The journey was a long one, and we had had very little direction except to “keep straight.” We continued forth until we reached a turn in the road. Angered that we could not continue forward on our journey we took it out on the sign before continuing on our way. We needed a spot to rest for the night and we happened upon a bizarre looking building in the middle of no where, it had been abandoned for quite awhile but it would do. The next day we continued on, until our car broke down a small town. It turned out for the best though. We managed to get our clothing mended by a happy tailor and into Jesus Jim Groom who bequeathed upon us a holy hand grenade in the shape of a heart. We thanked him and told him of our car troubles. He did not own a car but did lend us his tractor so that we could continue on our way.

Four Icon Challenge

Behold my art. Try not to laugh, hopefully you can figure out what the icons are supposed to be. Also, I hope you can guess the movie.

Can you guess it? Can you can you can you? The fire is a little lame… but fire is hard to draw.

The movie is Castaway with Tom Hanks. Now, I haven’t seen this movie in awhile but it actually helped a bit. This is what I remember of the movie.

Fed Ex- Tom Hanks worked for it. He scavenged through the packages that washed ashore to find things that might help him survive. He also saves one package to deliver when he is rescued.
Fire- He tries to make fire for a reeeeeeeeally long time. When he succeeds there is a big scene where he is shouting at the sky “I. have made fire!”
Volleyball- (I thought it would be too easy if I drew the red handprint face on the ball) Tom Hanks’s only friend on the island, despite being an inanimate object. Tom Hanks loses Wilson to the sea when trying to make his escape (Wiiiiiiiiiiiilsooooooooooon)
Ice Water- Tom Hanks is rescued and drinks ice water on the plane.

I hope you were able to guess the movie and were not thrown off by my art. I made this by hand drawing the icons then painting over them in photoshop. My drawing skills with the mouse are not the best.