March, 2011

Crafty! :D

Hopefully I remember to put this in drafts until Friday afternoon-ish because I would hate for this to leak out. If I do forget and post it before Friday afternoon right before rugby, and you know Karen, don’t tell her. (That means you Scooby, Charlotte, Ivania, CMohr, Molly, Steph, Sarah, and Jess… I think that covers everyone haha)

Ok. So in rugby before super big games we have spirit sisters (by picking out of a hat or whatever) and finally in my last semester I got my good friend Karen. I have told her every semester that I want to be her spirit sister because she looooooves High School Musical (particularly Zac Efron) Five Below used to have a ton of stuff for High School Musical. This is Karen with an aardvark on her head, and Charlotte being crazy behind her. —>

Well, I finally got her as a spirit sister and I decided to make her a cardboard cutout Zac Efron. Life size… or close to it. Google must think I’m a creeper because I looked at Zac Efron photos for about 30 minutes trying to find the largest one possible and one with a high resolution (so when I blew it up it would look ok). Then I got even creepier on google and searched up Zac Efron’s height (people can’t agree whether he’s 5′ 9″ or 5’10” so I went with the latter. 60 inches tall, nice even number. I made the pic giant and printed it off. It was 20 sheets of paper though one of them had the tiniest sliver of hair on it… it was lame.

Anyway. I laid the sheets out to make sure I had every piece. And to see about how tall he was.








Then I cut out the pieces from the paper.








And then laid them out again. Charlotte decided to join him.








During this long process of cutting and pasting he grew a mustache (the little sliver of hair that used up a whole sheet of paper, super lame)







This was him after the first night of work. He stood there all night creepily watching me on my computer and made my roomies jump when they all had to get up at an ungodly hour in the morning (~5am)












I then had to cut the excess cardboard off (thank goodness for an x-acto knife). This created quite a mess.








After vacuuming I decided to get a pic with Zac Efron.








And here is the final product.


It looks pretty good  but up close he’s a bit pixel-ly. He’s also top heavy and has a habit of falling over but Karen shall have to deal with that (sorry Karen :D). There was also a problem of him bending at the shins since that’s the skinniest part of the cardboard cutout. I glued a piece of excess cardboard at the bend to give him more support so he no longer looks like he’s broken both his shins. And I did fix that white line that’s on his right leg, I accidentally pasted the pieces too far apart.

This was fun to make, and although Karen probably knows I’m her spirit sister already (because she asked me outright and then was like “Never mind don’t tell me if it’s you.”) and and I didn’t respond. Thus: no response to question means I am her spirit sister. Still, she may know it’s me but she does not know what I made. 😀

(Oh geez, I’m going to have Zac Efron in my tag cloud)


Webstory Idea

I had a couple ideas for the webstory project but  Ithink I’ve settled on making Edward Scissorhand’s email inbox. I’ll use my gmail inbox as the base for the project and then edit the e-mail titles and senders to make seem like it was his inbox. I got the idea from here. Except on that site he actually e-mails himself to create the inboxes. They are quite funny, my favorite is the gollum one.

Finally my Final Project Blog Post

This is incredibly late and I apologize but here is my final project blog post.  When I went to Jim Groom’s office I was not really sure what exactly I wanted to do for my final project. I had a couple ideas but I didn’t feel like they were good enough to be my final project. The only thing I did know was that I really enjoyed the Visual/Design projects. So we decided that I would do more Design/Visual Projects for my final project. We didn’t really decide on how many or really a schedule so right now I’ve been doing them whenever I have free time, which isn’t that much. After this week (Thursday), I expect my design/visual projects to pick up. I have several ideas, I jut need the time to make them.

Visual/Design Projects I want to do (the first four I already know what I want to do specifically, the other ones are design/visual projects that seem like fun):

  • Another four icon challenge
  • Iconic Identities
  • Another facebook movie thing (though probably won’t be as good at the star wars one)
  • On This Day
  • More Troll Quotes
  • Make more GIFs
  • Summarize a movie in GIFs
  • Newspaper blackout
  • Movie Fortunes
  • Minimalist Travel Poster
  • I Can Read Movies
  • Minimalist TV/Movie Poster
  • And to make Sarah K happy, finally make a favicon for myself.

To make it easier to see which visual/design things are my final project ones I will categorize them with “Final Project” So you can click over on the right side bar and find all my final project posts. I shall go back and categorize my GIFs made over Spring Break and the Warning Labels as such since they were made after the final project meeting with Jim Groom.

Decade Divas Radio Show

Here is the audio for our (Steph Lefferts’, Jess Masulli’s, and my) Decades Radio show. We spent quite awhile working on it. We tried to get it done  by Thursday night but we ran into many a-problem when  we tried to combine our show on Jess’s computer (a mac). Jess had to leave on Friday so to try to finish the project I had to somehow get the files over to my computer. That took a couple hours as the .aup files could not be transferred via zip drive or e-mail. Then I had to export it as a WAV file and then us a media converter to make it an .mp3. So around 2:30 I managed to get that done and then went to bed to finish it later. Steph and I began work Friday evening and then found out, that somehow my computer had turned  he mp3 files, that took me hours to get onto my computer, into .aup files and it would  not open them. Fun times. Also, we were working for about an hour and had saved every now and then but then audacity decided to shut down right after we had recorded an interview. So after that we saved after every minute or so.

When we created our show we made four separate files one for each decade we were doing (1940s, 1970s, 2000s, 2030s) with the idea of combining them later. However, my computer would not open more than one window of audacity at a time and so that didn’t happen and thus we had to upload our files as 4 separate ones. Hopefully they work because I never want to have to use audacity again.

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas1940s] Here’s the 1940s

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas1970s] 1970s

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas2000s] 2000s

[audio:|titles=ds1063_decadedivas2030s] 2030s


And that’s it. I might add more to this post later.

I hate audacity. The end.

Star Wars Warning Labels

I saw this assignment pop up the other day and thought it looked fun but had no idea what to do. Then, on what turned out to be an almost 6hr trip from Fredericksburg to Philly, I thought of something. I remembered reading a list of ridiculous warning labels like a chainsaw’s “Do not attempt to stop with hands” or coffee cups saying “Caution: Contents hot,” so I took the chainsaw one and altered it a bit to work for the lightsaber.


Here’s my first attempt at it. It’s hard to see on the smallish picture but I added yellow and white onto the hilt (?) of the lightsaber. Drawing, even little lines, is tough without a mouse.

After making these two I made one more from when Anakin and Obi Wan were fighting. I couldn’t find a picture that I liked of the fight so I had to take a screen shot. I got the signs from websites but photoshopped them into my screenshot.

The warnings I made didn’t really help the characters in the movie though since Anakin (with Obi Wan’s “help”) fell into the lava and Luke ended up losing his hand on a lightsaber. Yay irony 😀

Also, I need to do a post outlining what I’m doing for my final project. I shall get on that in a couple days.


Luke picture:

Cliff warning sign:

Volcano warning sign:

Boredom of Spring Break

Hope everyone’s break is going fine. I’m back at Mary Washington for the day before heading to Philadelphia. My roomie has been here all break because of student teaching, but, because of that she goes to bed early and thus I decided to make these gifs (also because I haven’t posted in awhile and I felt bad about it). Nothing fancy, they’re simple ones like my Elf gif. I hope the speed is ok on these ones. I would like to go back one day and fix my first Psych gif but this is what I have for now.

This is another one from Psych. Shawn (on the left) and Gus (on the right) are sneaking down the hall pretending they’re spies. They hear someone coming and flatten themselves against the wall as this guy in a motorized wheelchair rolls on by. This one seems a bit slow but that’s about how slow the old guy was actually rolling down the hall.

The second one is from Top Gear (the one on the BBC not the American version on the History Channel). Basically I thought Richard Hammond’s facial expressions were funny and so I made this.  The gif seems a little fast.


The last one is also from Top Gear and it’s Jeremy Clarkson giving the Australians (whom Richard Hammond and the Stig in the previous gif were racing) the loser sign since, well, they lost. This one also seems a bit fast but there weren’t that many frames of it.