Mashup 1776/Franklin

As I have mentioned before I am a history major and I love broadway and musicals. One musical that combines this is 1776 which is about the Continental Congress leading up to the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. Sounds super exciting to non-history loving people I am sure.

Anyways I was doing a project on Ben Franklin’s invention the stove last week and while looking up a way to cite a movie Disney did about Franklin’s inventions (and how it was a mouse that gave him his ideas) the World Catalog kept thinking I was looking up Franklin the Turtle. 

<– Yes… this guy.

So I figured mashing up the Franklin theme song with scenes of Ben Franklin from 1776 would be interesting. The theme song to Franklin was only 1 min or so long though so it was only one scene from the movie with a transition into someone painting a portrait of Franklin.

Here’s the final product.

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  1.   Shane on April 19th, 2011

    It’s Franklin! He can count by 1776 and be a deist! I literally thought about it for a good five or ten minutes while watching this repeatedly and THAT was the best pun I could conceive, and for that, I apologize. Nice work!

  2.   Jim on April 19th, 2011

    Brilliant, Ben Franklin does look a little like a turtle. Wonder when he is coming to my house. What an entrance by Ben in 1776, you’d think he was royalty 🙂

  3.   Tempy on April 19th, 2011

    THAT WAS GREAT. XP I laughed so hard. Perfect.

  4.   Charlotte on April 20th, 2011

    The only problem with this is that I was in the library when I watched it and laughed out loud. Too funny. I can’t handle how much I love this…especially since Franklin the Turtle used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid. Fantastic job.

  5.   Audrey on April 21st, 2011

    YAY, B. Frank! 1776 is so great! I must say, I have a special place in my heart for Benjamin Franklin, considering my father dresses up like either him or Napoleon on Halloween.
    Anyway, the song overtop just makes1776 so much better! Awesome!

  6.   Luis on April 23rd, 2011

    Yes!! Nicely done. This opening theme actually is very nostalgic for me. I actually have like 10-15 Franklin the turtle books somewhere in my house. Makes me want to find them and read them all over again…

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