More Harry Potter! :D

I realized halfway through making this that my last post dealt with Harry Potter but at that point I didn’t really care about that because Harry Potter is awesome. Did you know the trailer for the last installment came out yesterday? Yeah, I watched that while procrastinating. Later in the night while I was procrastinating even more on facebook I wondered what Harry Potter characters would do on facebook.

I see Ron Weasley as a huuuuuge procrastinator and so I made his facebook profile page with various statuses and posts regarding writing an essay that was due the next day. One of the  statuses of his is actually real. As in, I posted it as my status last night. Anyways here it is.

Things I like about it.

-Fred or George/Gred or Forge- I feel like Fred and George Weasley would take their joking to Facebook and would want to cause confusion to their friends by having that as their name.

-Cedric’s profile pic- looks like he wants to be Eminem. Not sure if people in the magical world know who eminem is but oh well. I’d like to think that those from the muggle families would poke fun at his profile pic.


Once again I used firebug to make this and it was quite easy. The thing that took the longest was changing the pictures on the left hand side because there were so many.

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  1.   Charlotte on April 28th, 2011

    This is awesome! I especially like the ‘Fred or George Weasley’ part. Nicely done.

  2.   Jim Groom on April 28th, 2011

    Can you link me to a bigger version of this image so i can see it more clearly? I love it, I just want to see it in technicolor 🙂

  3.   cali4beach on May 11th, 2011

    this makes me happy! please make more! <3 sarahhhhh

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