January, 2012

Animated Movie Poster Attempt 1

Here’s my first attempt at an animated movie poster, as well as my first real post for DS106 pt 2! It doesn’t really look like the other animated posters but this was my take on them. It’s basically the “frame” of the real movie poster. I removed most of the original image, except the candles (which I tried to keep but you can kind of tell where it’s a bit smudged and all). I then made a gif (in photoshop) of the part of the first movie where they arrive at Hogwarts via the boats. Then I put the “frame” of the poster overtop the gif and voilà! My animated movie poster.
This was pretty fun and I will probably make another one and perhaps do a step by step process post of how I did it instead of my awkward attempt at explanation.  🙂
Now to spruce up my blog.


In my last post I mentioned I moved my site so I figure all my google analytics stats go out the window for that. However, I love the stats it created and despite the fact I didn’t do much if anything on my blog since the end of the class I did get a fair amount of hits.
People from 74 countries visited my site including:

  • 1 person from Slovenia who spent 5minutes and 12 seconds perusing.
  • 2 users from Trinidad and Tobago with an average time of just over 15 minutes.
  • 4 users from Bulgaria with an average of just under 5 minutes
  • The 1,915 users from the US averaged 2 minutes on my site.

In total I had 1,759 unique visitors to my site.
And now I’m going to install google analytics for it here on Umwblogs since Sarah K (Cali4Beach) and I are going to be creeps and join in for the spring section of DS106 despite the fact we’ve graduated.


Finally moved my DS106 blog from a wordpress blog hosted on a godaddy site to here. Sorry if any links take you to no where.