In my last post I mentioned I moved my site so I figure all my google analytics stats go out the window for that. However, I love the stats it created and despite the fact I didn’t do much if anything on my blog since the end of the class I did get a fair amount of hits.
People from 74 countries visited my site including:

  • 1 person from Slovenia who spent 5minutes and 12 seconds perusing.
  • 2 users from Trinidad and Tobago with an average time of just over 15 minutes.
  • 4 users from Bulgaria with an average of just under 5 minutes
  • The 1,915 users from the US averaged 2 minutes on my site.

In total I had 1,759 unique visitors to my site.
And now I’m going to install google analytics for it here on Umwblogs since Sarah K (Cali4Beach) and I are going to be creeps and join in for the spring section of DS106 despite the fact we’ve graduated.

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