Traveling with the Doctor

This summer, while searching for jobs and spending a ton of time watching netflix, I discovered Doctor Who (which is why it’s being featured in many of my assignments this year in DS106 and not last year). This past  autumn I bought a crocheted version of the Eleventh Doctor, (I also bought the Tenth Doctor for a friend).
Seeing as the Doctor, in the show, goes on adventures in his time traveling police call box, I took him on mine.

We went to Valley Forge
He hung out on a cannon and on a bunk.
I went to New York and December and we traveled by train which is a very slow travel method for someone who can cross all time and space.

He did enjoy Times Square though.

We were going to go on more adventures but I ran into two problems. 1. My next plan was to go to Gettysburg but it got quite cold, plus I was working more during the holiday season. and 2. I went home for Christmas and left him there, whoops.

Also because I like making things I made a  TARDIS (the time traveling police call box) to put my friend’s gift in for Christmas. Whiiiich  I will be uploading later since my phone is refusing to e-mail the picture to myself.

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  1.   sarah k on February 12th, 2012

    haha cute!! 🙂

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