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I felt like I needed to do one more assignment to get the number of stars needed for the week, even though I’m not doing this for a grade. I really wanted to try the movie summarized in gif ones but the movies on my computer right now didn’t really lend themselves to that assignment.
I really liked the color splash assignment but I was itching to make a gif for the Say it Like the Peanut Butter assignment. So I combined them, and here’s the result.

It’s the scene from A New Hope where Obi-Wan is about to face Darth Vader, I haven’t seen the movie in awhile but I remember it being a pretty pivotal scene considering the outcome of the battle.

I wish Obi-Wan didn’t lean to the side, and only the lightsaber was moving but it was hard enough trying to get just the lightsaber be the only thing in color. I also wish that Obi-wan had the red light saber because I feel like that would’ve stood out more in the black and white gif, but alas he was not on the Dark Side.

There is a tutorial I was working on for this but it ended up too long so it’s going to get its own post. It should be up before the day is over.

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  1.   John on February 12th, 2012

    Nice gif. I love the combo of two assignments (or the twisting of them, still laughing at your cat breading(.
    To avoid your Obi-Wan moving, you could have everything but the sword on one layer and the sword on another. Here is a 2 minute edit, I just cropped a rect rather than took my time so there is a wee bit of interference around the sword:
    Not sure if that is the effect you wanted but I though it worth a play.

  2.   sarah k on February 12th, 2012

    oooh megan! so cool!

    awesome idea to combine the assignments! I don’t mind him moving or not moving… either way, totally awesome! 😀

  3.   Megan Mc on February 12th, 2012

    @John Thanks! And glad you liked the attempt at Cat Breading. That’s really awesome for a quick edit, I think that’s what I was going for. But now I see it would look a little odd for him not to be moving either, at least in my opinion. I guess it just looks odd to me both ways, I can’t win 🙁 Thanks for playing around with it though!

    @Sarah Thanks, glad you like it Sarah! (now answer my tweets! :P)

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