March, 2012

Yet another movie poster GIF

This time I made a movie poster for Atonement.

The bottom half is part of the original poster, the top half is a gif I made from a scene in the movie. Umm… my thought process on this is kind of weird but I’ll give it a shot at explaining it though I suck at explaining things (I could also be completely wrong in the interpretation of the scene.)
Very basic explanation of scene: Keira Knightley’s character (Cecilia) had jumped into the fountain to retrieve a piece of a vase that had fallen into the water (partly Robbie, James McAvoy’s, character’s fault). She walks off in a huff and then Robbie sits on the edge of the fountain and places his hand to the water barely disturbing it. I kind of thought it was like he was reaching out for Cecilia or something. And I thought it would look cool the way this poster was split. I don’t know it sounds stupid.

Take 2 with the gif reversing.

Five Random Facts, as requested by Sarah K

Once again this is another post that will begin with “Sarah made me do this.”
She made this Random facts thing and forced me to make one myself. I like rage comics and all but I took a different route.

Fact 1:
Right now I work for a cupcake place. I sell cupcakes. During the week it’s quite slow and kinda boring. I don’t like being bored so I generally find a way to be creative during those times.

Fact 2:
I’ve never been west of the Mississippi River.

Fact 3:
I like hats.

Fact 4:
The nerdiness started relatively early. I sang Weird Al’s parody of American Pie in a 5th grade talent show. It’s about Star Wars: Episode 1.

Fact 5:
I did ballet for one year. Despite the easy steps in the recital I still fell.

Finally something new

Work and real life has kept me busy. Here’s a quick gif. In the actual clip the people move but I just wanted the background to move. It’s a little sloppy you can see the figure on the left move a bit (his arm) near the end of the gif. This is from an episode of Doctor Who.