Yet another movie poster GIF

This time I made a movie poster for Atonement.

The bottom half is part of the original poster, the top half is a gif I made from a scene in the movie. Umm… my thought process on this is kind of weird but I’ll give it a shot at explaining it though I suck at explaining things (I could also be completely wrong in the interpretation of the scene.)
Very basic explanation of scene: Keira Knightley’s character (Cecilia) had jumped into the fountain to retrieve a piece of a vase that had fallen into the water (partly Robbie, James McAvoy’s, character’s fault). She walks off in a huff and then Robbie sits on the edge of the fountain and places his hand to the water barely disturbing it. I kind of thought it was like he was reaching out for Cecilia or something. And I thought it would look cool the way this poster was split. I don’t know it sounds stupid.

Take 2 with the gif reversing.

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  1.   Jim on March 22nd, 2012

    This came out beautifully. The way the hand drags over the water is gorgeous, you are an animated GIF master, SK has no shot at your title 🙂

  2.   sarah k on March 23rd, 2012

    thanks a lot Jim groom…. :/

    hahah… megan this is fabulous! i love it!! le sigh… can you make me a gif from “the great train robbery?” i would love you forever!

  3.   Jim on March 23rd, 2012


    I was trying to tap into your competitive nature, but obviously I failed, now you just feel deflated. So let me say this: you are the

  4.   John on March 24th, 2012

    Hi Megan,
    lovely work, the animation is great, no glitiches or colour weirdness. I wonder if it is worth trying to reverse the animation so that the hand move smoothly back & forward, possibly not but might be worth a quick test.
    Mesmerising the animation sems t owork, by itself, with the middle bar and the whole poster.

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