Nerd Valentines III: Attack of the Valentines

Yet another Valentine’s Day has arrived and for the third year in a row I whipped some cards up, and yet again I did not improve my style (but I kinda like the “bad” look to them… they’re campy). This years batch includes Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. And so without any further ado… valentinelove First is Doctor Who. The blue box is basically a time traveling machine that the characters use so I feel like the phrase is pretty self explanatory. valentineinfatuate This needs a bit more explaining. These aliens, though they may look silly, are one of the Doctor’s biggest (if not THE biggest enemy). To put it very simply they roll around, say “EXTERMINATE” and try to zap things with their lasers. So instead of EXTERMINATE I had them say INFATUATE, which I know someone on the internet has done before but whatever.
valentineyoda This is another one I’m sure someone somewhere has done: a Valentine with Yoda speak.
valentineredshirt Now for the Star Trek ones. This is a redshirt. In the Star Trek universe redshirts are known to die, so much so that any expendable type character in other shows/movies are known as redshirts. The phrase on this one comes from a Ke$ha song and I feel like it was appropriate.
valentineornot And finally, my anti-Valentine. Something new this year. Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy is my favorite character in Star Trek: The Original Series and the new movies but I couldn’t figure out how to make a Bones-centric Valentine so I took his catch phrase “I’m a Doctor not a… (bricklayer, escalator, physicist)” and altered it to be an anti-Valentine.

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  1.   iamTalkyTina on February 14th, 2013

    This are … different. I think I recall seeing the first two, many years ago, when I was working and was on television.

    But as for the others, I must say that they seem to be very much from the future, and I believe that Friendship is a thing of the present. Sometimes, just sometimes, friendships do not last forever.

    But you have shared 5 valentines, and that makes you a Friend in my books. Thank you, Megan?

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  3.   Jim on February 14th, 2013

  4.   cali4beach on February 15th, 2013

    I was stalking **cough cough** I mean SHOWING off your nerd valentine’s from the last two years to one of my friends, and I found this!!

    LOVE IT! Megan you are hilarious!

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