Animated Comic Book Cover


It’s been a long time since I made something for this site, but Sarah put forth the challenge on twitter so here we go.
For as much as I love the Marvel movies I have not read that many comic books (I know… shaaaaame. Though I just moved and my house is within walking distance of a comic book store so we shall see). However, I have read Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and it is amazing. When I found the comic book gif challenge my first thought was this cover. It is simple but a beautiful peace of work.

It was pretty simple to make it into a gif, as well. In photoshop I took the cover and removed the arrow from the picture. Then I duplicated the arrow-less layer 6 times. Then on each layer I pasted the arrow moving across the page. And voila. My first gif to jump back into making things for this site.

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