Real Life Meets Internet

This past week, after a rough restaurant weekend of Valentine’s Day work, some friends and I rewarded ourselves by meeting up and getting sushi. We haven’t seen each other outside of work for awhile so we talked a lot.
Sushi was eaten, fun was had, and the conversation turned to one friend’s relationship. We haven’t met the guy but since Valentine’s Day had just passed she was talking about what gifts they got each other and out of no where she says, “So he loves Star Wars, you have to see the Star Wars Valentine I put on his facebook wall,” and she scrolls through her phone to find it.

Instant response was”Oh that’s cute- wait…. I made that.”
They both sort of looked at me like I was insane.
I had to pull up my website to be sure that that was one of mine and it is. Friend who knew nothing about my site or my Valentines gave her boyfriend one of my Valentines. I asked her how she found it and it turns out if you type in “Darth Vader Valentine” into google this is one of first results. So yeah. I had to tell my friends that sometimes I make things for the internet.

Of course I immediately sent Sarah a text about it.

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