Ridiculous Horror Movie: The Squirrels

The Squirrels// After years of leaving seed out for the birds with strange contraptions to prevent the Squirrels from getting to the feeders, the Squirrels have had enough.  You might think they’re cute but be careful leaving your house now.

Squirrel pic from here.
Font from daFont.
I was able to use the content fill trick for this so yay! 🙂 This one was kind of made with “The Birds” in mind, since there’s like a swarm of some sort of animal.

Ridiculous Horror Movie Concepts

With Halloween just around the corner I thought it was time to work on a little project that’s been brewing in my head. These have kinda been spawned by the existence of films such as Santa’s Slay, Thankskilling, Poultrygeist, and Gingerdead Man, not to mention all the other movies SyFy has churned out. Horror movies, and their “scary” concepts, have generally gotten weird. I’m just wondering how far they’ll go.
Let it be known I have a weird sense of humor.
Oh, also I changed the layout of my blog for Halloween.

Animated Magazine Cover

Well, this took a lot longer than I expected. I think it’s pretty ok even with the hair bouncing around a bit but that’s because I got lazy. Whoops. My least favorite part of this was my attempt to recreate the clouds in the background. Basically I took the Doctor Who Entertainment Weekly Cover and cut out the still of the Doctor. I had to recreate some of the font (only for it later to be covered up by the gif). Then I took a gif from an episode of Doctor Who and that was that. A little bit more description can be found in the read more section.
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Romney’s Plan for Big Bird

While looking for a Halloween Costume, I happened upon this Big Bird Costume. I thought it completely ridiculous that there was a “sexy” Big Bird Costume, not too mention the fact it looked like she killed Big Bird and made a costume out of him (in fact all the Sesame Street character ones looked like that. Poor Cookie Monster. Poor Elmo.)
The thought of making a costume out of the actual Big Bird brought to mind the recent Presidential Debate where Romney said “I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m gonna stop other things. I like PBS, I like Big Bird.” The internet went on a Romney vs. Big Bird Rampage. And, while this is days late, this is my contribution to that.


Sarah and I are collaborating to create an across the world photoblog. We wanted to do something artsy together despite her being in South Korea and I in the United States. So we came up with a photo challenge, which is a lot like Daily Shoot. We have a list of photo prompts to start off one person picks the prompt and posts a picture. The other person then has to complete that prompt and then choose the next one and post a picture.
We’ve done 2.5 as of now Steel and Glass, Food, and  I just started the sports round. So feel free to check it out! There should be more pictures soon if Sarah hurries up and does her part . (Just kidding Sarah :D)

The site is KoreaUsa.wordpress.com

Color Splash: Water Tower

I went to New York in the Spring. I took a ton of pictures but one of my favorites was this one of the water tower in Brooklyn. It stood out pretty well in the regular photo but I figured making a color splash version just helped the color pop even more.

Another GIF for Sarah

Is this what you wanted Sarah? And what is it with you and making me make gifs that relate to bears? First Pedo bear now Creepy bear

Messing around with Photoshop

Still not good at photoshop, plus it’s nearing 5am. But I watched the last episode of The Ponds on Doctor Who. SPOILERS AHEAD: So Amy and Rory Williams ended up getting stranded in 1930s NYC and have to live out their life there but since they grew up in the 90s/2000s they would know the major things that happened in history so I felt like, maybe, they’d go to the events and end up being captured in the photos.
So anyways the manip part is to the right of the kiss. I photoshopped Amy’s head onto a woman already in the photo and completely photoshopped Rory into there. Though you can probably already tell that due to my lack of skill.

Yet another movie poster GIF

This time I made a movie poster for Atonement.

The bottom half is part of the original poster, the top half is a gif I made from a scene in the movie. Umm… my thought process on this is kind of weird but I’ll give it a shot at explaining it though I suck at explaining things (I could also be completely wrong in the interpretation of the scene.)
Very basic explanation of scene: Keira Knightley’s character (Cecilia) had jumped into the fountain to retrieve a piece of a vase that had fallen into the water (partly Robbie, James McAvoy’s, character’s fault). She walks off in a huff and then Robbie sits on the edge of the fountain and places his hand to the water barely disturbing it. I kind of thought it was like he was reaching out for Cecilia or something. And I thought it would look cool the way this poster was split. I don’t know it sounds stupid.

Take 2 with the gif reversing.

Five Random Facts, as requested by Sarah K

Once again this is another post that will begin with “Sarah made me do this.”
She made this Random facts thing and forced me to make one myself. I like rage comics and all but I took a different route.

Fact 1:
Right now I work for a cupcake place. I sell cupcakes. During the week it’s quite slow and kinda boring. I don’t like being bored so I generally find a way to be creative during those times.

Fact 2:
I’ve never been west of the Mississippi River.

Fact 3:
I like hats.

Fact 4:
The nerdiness started relatively early. I sang Weird Al’s parody of American Pie in a 5th grade talent show. It’s about Star Wars: Episode 1.

Fact 5:
I did ballet for one year. Despite the easy steps in the recital I still fell.

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