Testing Tweet Tools?

I really don’t know if this will work but here we go.

Yay it worked. Ok so I have been messing around with my blog and various plug ins. I just worked with Kaitlin (blog.afacewithfreckles.info) and set up google analytics on her blog and we worked together to get Twitter Tools working on both of ours. It was a little complicated but not as complicated as Jim Groom’s post about the assignment made it seem. My blog posts are now being sent to the ds106 twitter hashtag. A success!

Now as for the way my site looks I am a little ambivalent about it. The background of my blog is the spirit rock that sits on the Mary Washington campus. It’s a rock where students can paint a message to a friend or express something to the campus. I thought to myself, that’s sort of like this blog. It is the space for me to express my creativity (as cheesy as that sounds.) I liked the thought behind it and the colors of the fonts and sidebar however, the way I envisioned my blog is not quite how it came out. As always, the way I pictured it in my head looked SO much better than how it turned out. Ah well.