Mashup Articles

As usual with these articles they went over my head. Lately however whenever I think of mashups I think of the overuse of mashups on Glee. I like how in the Dr. Mashup article it talks about the terminology and how remix and mashup are different things. Remixes are things made using the same source while mashups take things from different sources and create an original piece.

The idea that mashups are original seems to be questioned a lot but by taking two (or more sources) and mixing it all together it does create  a brand new thing. It IS original. And is seen by copyright laws as so and thus things like the Twilight and Buffy Mashup (that someone already posted) can remain on youtube.

This is late but in order to make up for that  I shall include this mashup that I threw together in about 10-15 minutes for my Civil War Memory Class. We were talking about John C. Calhoun and Dr. McClurken said Calhoun was like the Godfather of the Confederacy and so I made this.