Flickr Plugins. One Option.

With the Daily Shoot assignment coming around I set about finding a way to show my Daily Shoot photos on my blog. I wanted them to go to a page I created, not to my posts (because I feel like I post too much.) So first I had to create a new page on my blog that I named “Daily Shoot.”

After creating the page I went on the hunt for the right plugin. I typed “Flickr” in the plugin search bar and found “Flickr Gallery” as the third result.

Once it is installed you have to go to “Settings” and insert some info including an API number from Flickr which you will have to apply for.  It’s not that complicated. You will have to wait a little bit for it to find your flickr account to pull the pictures into it. You know it will have worked when your pictures show up at the bottom of this settings page.

Now in order to get them to show up on a page I went to here it has a little bit more information on Flickr Gallery. It provides code that you can post on your page so that it will pull the stuff from Flickr.

I chose the code that I highlighted in yellow. We are supposed to tag all the pictures we take for the Daily Shoot with “ds106” so I figured that would be the best. I changed the “foo” in the code to “ds106” and pasted the code on my page.

I went to check my page and voila! it was there 🙂  I hope this helps and it not too confusing.  You can check out my daily shoot photos by clicking “Daily Shoot” at the top of the page in the menu.

P.S. A cool thing about this plugin is that it puts the pictures in a thumbnails but when you click the thumbnails it shows a bigger version without leaving your blog.