Nerd Valentines IV: The Search for Valentines

Another year another batch of Valentines, still the same crappy photoshopping. 🙂 Only three this year… unless I find time to make some after work but that’d be past Valentine’s Day.
darthvader2014 Darth Vader/ Star Wars one. I think this one might be my favorite.
spock2014 Spock/Star Trek
hodor2014 Hodor/Game of Thrones. Or the Hodor one might be my favorite….

Photos used:
Darth Vader:

Ned Mashup

I’m not in DS106 (or even at school anymore) but I wanted to share this here. I made a mash-up of Ned Stark and Ned’s Declassified High School Survival Guide ( a show on Nickelodeon about how to survive high school… I had a lot of free days this summer, ok).

I took pics of Ned Stark (center), Robert Baratheon (left) and Catelyn Stark (right) and photoshopped their heads onto the Ned’s Declassified character’s heads. Definitely not the best photoshop work done but I’m pretty pleased.

I find it particularly funny given Ned’s fate… I definitely wouldn’t follow Ned Stark’s guide unless it read “Lesson 1: Don’t Leave Winterfell”