Boredom of Spring Break

Hope everyone’s break is going fine. I’m back at Mary Washington for the day before heading to Philadelphia. My roomie has been here all break because of student teaching, but, because of that she goes to bed early and thus I decided to make these gifs (also because I haven’t posted in awhile and I felt bad about it). Nothing fancy, they’re simple ones like my Elf gif. I hope the speed is ok on these ones. I would like to go back one day and fix my first Psych gif but this is what I have for now.

This is another one from Psych. Shawn (on the left) and Gus (on the right) are sneaking down the hall pretending they’re spies. They hear someone coming and flatten themselves against the wall as this guy in a motorized wheelchair rolls on by. This one seems a bit slow but that’s about how slow the old guy was actually rolling down the hall.

The second one is from Top Gear (the one on the BBC not the American version on the History Channel). Basically I thought Richard Hammond’s facial expressions were funny and so I made this.  The gif seems a little fast.


The last one is also from Top Gear and it’s Jeremy Clarkson giving the Australians (whom Richard Hammond and the Stig in the previous gif were racing) the loser sign since, well, they lost. This one also seems a bit fast but there weren’t that many frames of it.


This is my silly attempt at a Gif. I made it from the intro to Season 4 of Psych which is an amazing and hilarious show. This character is Shawn Spencer and he’s convinced the Santa Barbara Police Department he is a psychic and he makes these weird hand motions alot of the time when he has a “vision.”

It took about an hour or two partly because I got confused a couple of times while trying to delete layers but not have giant gaping holes in the gif… for awhile Shawn didn’t have a head. It is very choppy and I sort of cut off his hand a bit on the left side of the screen but I somehow made a Gif and I am proud of it 😀

I used the Bionic Teaching Tutorial . Thing was it didn’t say how to get the video onto your computer… it said something about Quicktime and the fact they grabbed something from netflix instantview but I had no idea how. I resorted to finding a video on youtube. Then editing it on photoshop. Also saving it turned into a problem when I couldn’t figure out what type of file to save it as (you say “Duh, gif!” but I didn’t have that option.)