Another GIF for Sarah

Is this what you wanted Sarah? And what is it with you and making me make gifs that relate to bears? First Pedo bear now Creepy bear

Five Random Facts, as requested by Sarah K

Once again this is another post that will begin with “Sarah made me do this.”
She made this Random facts thing and forced me to make one myself. I like rage comics and all but I took a different route.

Fact 1:
Right now I work for a cupcake place. I sell cupcakes. During the week it’s quite slow and kinda boring. I don’t like being bored so I generally find a way to be creative during those times.

Fact 2:
I’ve never been west of the Mississippi River.

Fact 3:
I like hats.

Fact 4:
The nerdiness started relatively early. I sang Weird Al’s parody of American Pie in a 5th grade talent show. It’s about Star Wars: Episode 1.

Fact 5:
I did ballet for one year. Despite the easy steps in the recital I still fell.

Disclaimer: Sarah made me make this.

Sarah’s sister’s birthday is coming up and Sarah wanted me to make a gif. Seeing as Sarah has recently become obsessed with 9GAG and through that pedobear (if you don’t know he’s a cartoon bear that’s a pedo… yeah…)  she made me make this gif. Although it doesn’t look like it it did take quite a bit of time to animate this in photoshop. Most of the gifs I make are from movies, ie already moving pictures, this one I had to animate myself.

Once again..
Sarah made me do it.
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