I’ll Just Put this Here

This is super dooper late. I talked with Jim Groom but I don’t think I expected it to be this late. Two jobs + Classes + Full Weekend of Rugby is not conducive to getting a lot of stuff done. I know I said I was going to do Edward Scissorhands Gmail but I thought Finding Nemo Facebook page would be more fun and more interesting. I ran into problems with the newsfeed refreshing and I am having trouble saving the HTML but I have the screengrab. It’s from Marlin’s point of view and at the beginning it’s mostly Dory in his newsfeed as she is really his only friend but then as the story (movie) goes on he meets more people.
I also included Ariel from Little Mermaid on there because she lives/d under the sea and is also a Disney character.

I also ran into trouble using the screen grab firefox app, it wouldn’t save or copy the page in a thing that could be opened in photoshop or paint so I had to do control + print screen a couple times to get the whole page.
And as for the last names… I made them up from the types of fish they are.
My favorite part of the facebook newsfeed is Bruce’s status about needing to start his Fish Are Friends Not Food program.

Failing at iMovie/Macs

So Macs hate me and I hate macs. And yet somehow I still want one. Maybe I won’t hate them as much when I am able to mess around with them more. Anyways I did the Lion King. I know someone else did it in the class but I hadn’t listened to their’s when I made this.

I don’t really like my video essay but it’s mostly because of how much problems I had with imovie. I had trouble making my voice heard over the movie sound but I got to a point where I didn’t want to mess with iMovie anymore. Also, it was incredibly awkward to work in the Mac Lab and talk to the computer while other people were in the room talking, mucking around on tumblr, or printing off things. It made it worse that I was talking about a Disney Movie, even though it is one of the best disney movies ever.

There is no end scene/conclusion because like I said before the embedded video I was fed up with iMovie also I recorded it on two different computers.