Colorize It

I know the DS106 classes are out of the Visual/Design Assignments now but you know what? they’re my favorites and since I’m an open participant I’m just going to stick with them since there’s no grade for me. 🙂
I recently tried my hand at the Colorize It assignment. I’m surprised that more people have not done it. First I had to find a black and white photo to recolor, so I took to the internet. I spend entirely too much time on the internet and remembered a post I’d seen on Buzzfeed: 50 Unexplained Black and White Photos ( the person who made the article also has a tumblr which has even more ridiculous black and white photos). I chose this one colorizeit1aA navy sailor brushing a taxidermied fox head while a cat sniffs it. I found it hilarious. The other ones in the post looked a little harder to colorize/figure out what the colors might’ve been before, and since this was my first attempt I chose a relatively easier one.
It didn’t take too long and, in my opinion, didn’t turn out too terribly bad. colorizeit1 And while I was initially worried about his skin color perhaps being off, it turned out the orange of the fox and the cat were the big problems. Despite how much I tried reducing the hue/saturation/lightness of that particular color it just seems to stick out cartoonish-ly. It didn’t help that the cat was, I assume, a calico cat. But this was really fun, I will probably do a couple more.

I didn’t color the boat because it was the background and rather difficult to get the color to look right. Besides I’m sure the boat was grey anyway.

Color Splash: Water Tower

I went to New York in the Spring. I took a ton of pictures but one of my favorites was this one of the water tower in Brooklyn. It stood out pretty well in the regular photo but I figured making a color splash version just helped the color pop even more.

Color Splash Gif

I felt like I needed to do one more assignment to get the number of stars needed for the week, even though I’m not doing this for a grade. I really wanted to try the movie summarized in gif ones but the movies on my computer right now didn’t really lend themselves to that assignment.
I really liked the color splash assignment but I was itching to make a gif for the Say it Like the Peanut Butter assignment. So I combined them, and here’s the result.

It’s the scene from A New Hope where Obi-Wan is about to face Darth Vader, I haven’t seen the movie in awhile but I remember it being a pretty pivotal scene considering the outcome of the battle.

I wish Obi-Wan didn’t lean to the side, and only the lightsaber was moving but it was hard enough trying to get just the lightsaber be the only thing in color. I also wish that Obi-wan had the red light saber because I feel like that would’ve stood out more in the black and white gif, but alas he was not on the Dark Side.

There is a tutorial I was working on for this but it ended up too long so it’s going to get its own post. It should be up before the day is over.

Traveling with the Doctor

This summer, while searching for jobs and spending a ton of time watching netflix, I discovered Doctor Who (which is why it’s being featured in many of my assignments this year in DS106 and not last year). This past  autumn I bought a crocheted version of the Eleventh Doctor, (I also bought the Tenth Doctor for a friend).
Seeing as the Doctor, in the show, goes on adventures in his time traveling police call box, I took him on mine.
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Exterminate Troll Quotes!

My first troll quote’s theme was vampires. This one is robots/aliens.

Another nerdy post. The picture is R2D2 from Star Wars, the quote is from a Dalek in Doctor Who, and I attributed it to Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was going to first attribute it to Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons but I wanted a bit more nerdiness in there. Plus Trekkies/Star Wars fans aren’t too fond when you mix up their stuff.

R2D2 picture

Cat Breading for Dummies

Hello. And welcome to Cat Breading for Dummies.
To begin with you’ll need some items.

A cat. Some bread. And a knife. (The knife is not for the cat but the bread, don’t worry.)

I then asked for permission to put bread on my sister’s cat, seeing as the cats are hers. Let it be known that getting the “owners” permission will not mean the cat will be willing. Cats don’t really have “owners,” they just let the humans think that, the cats just do whatever they want.  In this house there are two cats, Schrodinger and Norfolk. They may look cute but beneath their adorable fuzzy exterior is a deadly beast.

Choosing the right cat is important. I chose Norfolk, he’s bigger and slower, while Schro moves at the speed of light. However, Norfolk has a giant head so it was difficult to get the bread over it.

It did not go well.

This is the point where you give up, lock your door so that cats can’t get you, and nurse your wounds (elmo band aids work wonders.


**No cats or Megans were harmed in this attempt of catbreading. In fact, Norfolk is now sleeping on my shoulder, crushing me, and deafening me with his purr**
***Since this was a complete fail I don’t deserve any stars for the catbreading assignment but I still tagged it under there***

Color Splash Take 2: FLAMINGOS

I went to the Philadelphia Zoo last year and took a picture of flamingos. Now, they weren’t as bright as I have seen them in many pictures so I decided to help them out by having them be  the only colorful thing in the picture.
Things I learned while doing this 1 Flamingos have very skinny legs. and 2 Grass is annoying.

Splash of Color

So I saw the Visual Assignment 340 and I’ve always wondered how pics like that were done and figured now was the time to find out. It’s quite simple, I don’t know why it took me so long to do. Here’s my final product.

It’s a picture I took, either in Scotland or England, of a phone booth. I don’t know if the splash of color works well for this one since it is the focus of the photo, and usually color splash seems to be something small,  but I still like the bright vibrant red.
(If you want to see a bigger version of it click the picture, it’s a huge picture.)

Four Icon Challenge

Behold my art. Try not to laugh, hopefully you can figure out what the icons are supposed to be. Also, I hope you can guess the movie.

Can you guess it? Can you can you can you? The fire is a little lame… but fire is hard to draw.

The movie is Castaway with Tom Hanks. Now, I haven’t seen this movie in awhile but it actually helped a bit. This is what I remember of the movie.

Fed Ex- Tom Hanks worked for it. He scavenged through the packages that washed ashore to find things that might help him survive. He also saves one package to deliver when he is rescued.
Fire- He tries to make fire for a reeeeeeeeally long time. When he succeeds there is a big scene where he is shouting at the sky “I. have made fire!”
Volleyball- (I thought it would be too easy if I drew the red handprint face on the ball) Tom Hanks’s only friend on the island, despite being an inanimate object. Tom Hanks loses Wilson to the sea when trying to make his escape (Wiiiiiiiiiiiilsooooooooooon)
Ice Water- Tom Hanks is rescued and drinks ice water on the plane.

I hope you were able to guess the movie and were not thrown off by my art. I made this by hand drawing the icons then painting over them in photoshop. My drawing skills with the mouse are not the best.

Dear Ivania,

This is for you. Haha.

From Megan 🙂

Ok so this is a “troll quote” I saw a couple of them on the internet awhile ago like this one… and I’m pretty sure there’s one out there with Malcolm Reynolds (from Firefly), Indiana Jones and Han Solo but I can’t find it. Anyways this Troll Quote’s “link” is vampires. I got the Nosferatu pic from Flickr (here). The quote is one of the most cringeworthy from Twilight. And I “attributed” the quote to Eric Northman from the Trueblood HBO series/ Sookie Stackhouse novel.

And this is where I leave you for the night.Good night DS106 sleep tight, don’t let Nosferatu bite!